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panties over pantyhose AND pantyhose dildo footjob

On a side note, can anyone explain to me the appeal of pantyhose?  Like, I like them and all.  I think they go great with some of my outfits.  But I don’t completely understand the fetish part of it.  Can anyone explain this to me?

Fan Requests

I get quite a few emails with “special requests” from fans.  I often ask them to join my site before I do their request but I have done a few of these requests while the fan wasn’t a member of my site.  And then, once I did the update, that person just disappeared…

Example: pantyhose footjob with dildo, set 260

After conversing with this guy through a couple emails, he specifically said:

I’m not a member yet. I’m really glad you are open to the idea because my main fetish is nice smooth stocking or pantyohse footjobs. I definitely would like to join soon knowing that you are willing for this type of shoot (with the dildo). Please let me know when you have your site updated.

This was back in April, I emailed him to let him know I put up the set, and mysteriously never heard back from him.  And I checked my stats, he certainly didn’t join my site!

Example: armpit fetish, bonus set 6

The guy wanted me to do a full set of armpit pics, which is “different” so I included it as a bonus update.  He said he’d join once I did these pics.  Okay, so I let him know when they were up.  Then he kept telling me that the “pics wouldn’t open”.  I told him to contact tech support, etc. after I confirmed that all the pics opened for me.  He was just trying to get me to send them to him for free (obviously).

Oh, there have been a few other pics, such as my “sexy secretary” set, thong and leg warmers, sweater without a bra, bikini with heels.  So for any fans who are requesting for me to do pics when you aren’t a member, this is why I’m suspicious of you!!!

The fans who I appreciate are the ones who join and THEN make requests.  Or even fans who ask if I can do a request and then join when I confirm that YES I can do that.

I like to believe the best in people… I really do… but sometimes it is so hard when so called “fans” do things like this… I personally don’t think it’s fair… and I lose faith in people pretty quickly!!!

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